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A Report: The State of Contact Tracing

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How do we bend the curve? We wanted to find out.

- btext: | ### TL;DR Here’s our position, digital contact tracing solutions must… - **Be preventative:** change people’s day-to-day behavior stopping transmission. - **Have powerful incentives:** to gain 60+% adoption in a given population. - **Be integrated** with testing and manual contact tracing. - **Have centralized anonymized data:** accessible only by health experts, to inform policy to control the virus before a vaccine. _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1584639790129_1533 - btext: | (image: link: alt: Button to download The State of Contact Tracing width: 300 height: 40) ** ➔ (link: text: The State of Contact Tracing - DesignMap) ** (PDF) *** _key: bodytext uniquekey: 0 showpreviewinitially: false _uid: bodytext_1589381541493_2606 - btext: '

' _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1589393842844_1465 - btext: | ### Why did we create this report? The pandemic has shown humankind that every day truly matters. Sharing this report is our way of helping during this extraordinary event. If even one person at the right time and place can use this information to act, then it’s worth it.  DesignMap is not at full utilization due to the wider economic slowdown, so resources are available. ( text: Contact us if you need UX design services), either specific to contact tracing or general to your SaaS product. ### Who is this report for? Each of us are consuming an incredible amount of information to find any antidote to the pain COVID-19 is causing. If you find yourself overwhelmed like many of us are, read this report. If you are curious and want to form a perspective based on research, read this report. If you are in a position to act on digital contact tracing, we hope this report brings clarity to the few “musts” and inspire action. ### What does the report cover? We quickly realized that information on contact tracing was very wide, constantly changing, and diverse due to many factors. Drawing meaningful lines around the research, impossible. So what to do? Well, that is kind of our point ultimately: efforts for contact tracing need to move quickly, intelligently, and in coordination. DesignMap believes that setting a compass direction is much more impactful than the breadth and the depth of our analysis.  In the first few sections, we set the stage for technology to bend the curve through digital contact tracing and challenges in the way. We then have a simple framing exercise that leads into a map of opportunities. In this section we outline the critical nature of what’s at hand, **the tension across two dimensions: Privacy and Adoption.** We end with what we need to give up (very little) to gain so much. **A call to act now, together.** ### Things we didn’t address in the report: - Testing, testing, testing. John Oliver has an (link: text: insightful breakdown) on this topic. - Political/Cultural differences. - Specific solutions. - We use virus and disease somewhat interchangeably, though acknowledge that they are by definition different terms. _key: bodytext uniquekey: 1 showpreviewinitially: false _uid: bodytext_1589381552343_2758 - btext: | ### Links & Resources - (link: text: The State of Contact Tracing (PDF)) - (link: text: Contact Tracing App Audit (PDF)) - (link: text: Contact Tracing Research Analysis (Miro Board)) - (link: text: 100+ Contact Tracing Reference Articles (Google Sheet)) This report was generated from ~100 hours of desk research, insights, and design by Sarah Dempsey and Vivian Lee. Directed by Nathan Kendrick. _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1584640232254_2129 - btext: | ### As always, we're here to help DesignMap is in the fortunate position to be of help to companies during this challenging time. We are working overtime with our current clients to build nimble-yet-steady capabilities. ( text: DesignMap is always available). It is our most sincere hope that as many companies as possible — small and large — are able to weather these choppy waters. —Audrey, Chuck, Greg, and Nathan _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1584640413185_2658