The company you keep matters—and we’re pretty proud of ours.

We collaborate with a talented community of product and design people and organizations to complement, elevate, and extend the impact of our work.

Meet Our Collaborators

Bruce McCarthy
Bruce McCarthy Organizational Design | Product Strategy | Team Coaching | Upskilling

Bruce is an author, speaker, founder at Product Culture with a passion for helping teams work together better to develop compelling products and services.

Gretchen Anderson
Gretchen Anderson Product and Service Design Strategy | Team Coaching | Creative Facilitation

Gretchen is a product / design leader helping clients to inform their product strategy and improve team collaboration skills.

Janice Fraser
Janice Fraser Business Strategy | Product Strategy | Leadership Coaching

Janice is an investor, speaker, and expert in emerging management practices to support innovation at scale.

Jorge Arango
Jorge Arango Information Architecture | UX Design | User Research

Jorge is an information architect, author, and educator. For the past 25 years, Jorge has used architectural thinking to bring clarity and alignment to digital products and services.

Margot Merrill
Margot Merrill Founder and Lead Strategist Margot has over 25 years of experience helping teams solve complex problems with language. She has expertise in all aspects of content strategy and design, including competitive positioning, UX copywriting, information architecture, and cross-channel content production.
Peter Merholz
Peter Merholz Design Management Consulting | Product Strategy & Planning | Talent | Recruitment

Peter has worked at the intersection of design, technology, and humans for over 25 years. He's currently an independent consultant focused on improving the effectiveness of design organizations.

Rachel Gogel
Rachel Gogel Fractional Design Executive Rachel Gogel is a Parisian creative director, graphic designer, educator, and speaker based in San Francisco. She runs her own independent consultancy, where her approach is informed by experiences from both the in-house and agency sides.  
Steve Portigal
Steve Portigal User Research | Product Strategy | Design Management Consulting

Steve is an experienced user researcher who helps organizations to build more mature user research practices. He works with teams to bring insights about their users into their design and development processes.

Meet Our Partners


Dynamo is a technology services provider changing the way executive leaders build high performing organizations

Iron Creative

Iron Creative is a digital-first agency specializing in end-to-end customer journey enablement

Jeff Patton & Associates

Jeff Patton & Associates is a consultancy helping clients build culture, process, and practices focused on creating great tech products

Level Access

Level Access offers software, consulting, and training solutions to empower organizations to create accessible & inclusive digital experiences


Lunavi is a managed services provider offering true end-to-end solutions for IT infrastructure and application development that deliver real business value


PH1 is a research & strategy consultancy that uses service design methods to investigate business challenges and apply human-centred design to prototype new initiatives and prepare a roadmap

Product Discovery Group

Product Discovery Group offers coaching services for product leaders and teams in early stage startups, tech companies and Fortune 100 corporations

Silicon Valley Product Group

Silicon Valley Product Group is a consultancy created to share senior level experience and best practices with technology companies


Thrv is product roadmapping software that uses the Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) product management and marketing framework to help companies build, market, and sell products


Vicert is a software development company building digital health solutions

Voltage Control

Voltage Control is a change agency specializing in interventions and training focused on facilitation, collaboration, psychological safety, and play for organizations experiencing uncertainty and change


Zero-G is a design company partnering with organizations to help them change, connect, innovate, and grow

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For 25+ years, we’ve coached and helped build strategic teams, including running internal design teams ourselves. We’ve hired, mentored, and trained hundreds of Designers and Design Leaders.

Oh, and we wrote the book on what CEOs need to know about design.

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