We discover, unlock and shape the hidden power of digital products and platforms for the world’s most ambitious enterprises.

We place excellence at the heart of everything we do. To create the confidence to leap when others crawl. To transform businesses. To unlock potential. To map the way to a better future.

We are DesignMap


Portrait of Gregory Baker

Gregory Baker

Founder & Partner
Portrait of Chuck Moore

Chuck Moore

Portrait of Audrey Crane

Audrey Crane


We work together with exceptional clients to better understand people, harness complexity, challenge assumptions and imagine new opportunities.

User Research & Insights

We utilize rigorous user research to spot opportunities and inform with valuable, actionable insights. By understanding the complex data powering a system we can identify, prototype and test assumptions within a holistic user-centered process.

Product & Business Strategy

We envision a roadmap for the future of products or businesses. Harnessing insights gained from rigorous research, with creativity and innovation as guiding forces. Training teams for the future and setting up businesses for success.

Implementation Excellence

We relentlessly strive for excellence in everything we do. Transforming businesses, products and brands, through workshops, training, and visual design, to create experiences that are powerful, purposeful and delightful.

Building Core Competency

We can provide training to empower your existing design team, sharing our expertise and processes. Tailored packages meet your level of design maturity to ensure you get the best from the experience.


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