The DesignMap studio is a cultural anchor for our work-from-anywhere team. We’re happy to share it with other creators who seek a space for inspiration and collaboration.

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Home is where
you make it

Located in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, our two-story studio is overflowing with inspiration—exposed timber, sandblasted concrete walls, floor-to-ceiling glass, and designer furniture. Not to mention the essence of DesignMap’s culture of curiosity! 

Our doors are always open to DesignMap staff, clients, and friends (some who live in the neighborhood and others who visit from the other side of the country). Anyone who is seeking a place to collaborate can also rent the studio.  

Whether planning a corporate offsite, board meeting, networking event, or media production—our studio offers a variety of configurations that feel both intimate and comfortable for groups of 10 to 100 people. 

Full Building

Multifunctional spaces for co-working, private meetings, entertaining, and socializing. 

Off-site Space

Ideal for a team off-site with private meeting, entertaining, and socializing spaces available. 

Co-working Space

Great for bringing your team together to work alongside one another. Also includes a private meeting space. 


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Need some facilitation for your inspiration?

Ask us about "building your own workshop" (BYOW)! Our bespoke workshops can span an afternoon, day, or week(s) on topics like Effective Communication with Stakeholders and Designing Better Decisions. 

Your place, our place, Zoom—we’re more focused on the collaboration than the coordinates of where it takes place.


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“With our new studio, we imagined a future in which the DesignMap home base serves as a cultural anchor and a new touchstone in our history–one that both connects and frees us.”

Read more about the thinking behind our unique studio model.