Public Workshops, First course FREE

by Audrey Crane
3 min read

For anyone who’s been laid off or furloughed this year, we’re offering the first course of “Product Design Essentials” Sep 8-11th for free.

- btext: | We’re beyond excited to announce public workshops for the first time. Four days, four hours a day, this program is the same material our own staff is trained on and that we’ve run at several clients. **We believe so much in this content as a way we can help our design community, that we are making this available for free to those who have been directly effected by COVID-19 and laid off or furloughed from their company this year. ** _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1584639790129_1533 - btext: | ### Product Design Essentials If you’re a Product Designer looking to build a stronger foundation, or a Marketing/Web Designer, UI Engineer, or even a Product Manager, this is the program for you. This is material our own staff goes through to take on the role of Product Designer. - September 8–11, 10am–2pm PST → (link: text: Register now), FREE - September 14–17, 10am-2pm PST → (link: text: Register now), $1,200 _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1597030338302_5217 - btext: | ### Product Design Master Class Already an experienced Product Designer? Then you know that you need to be able to influence much more than pixels on the screen. We call this the “work around the work” that makes it possible to create not just great design, but great outcomes. - October 1–5, 10am–2pm PST → (link: text: Register now), $1,500 _key: bodytext uniquekey: 1 showpreviewinitially: false _uid: bodytext_1597030672811_5642 - btext: '

' _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1598324294433_11194 - btext: 'We are focusing on helping internal design teams build their capabilities. These Product Design Workshops are part of that new focus, along with Coaching and Advisement (help hiring and managing a design team), and Staff Augmentation. We’ve launched a microsite that focuses on these flexible UX services that will keep your business moving forward → (link: text: Learn more at' _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1598324279195_11023 - btext: '

' _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1598324373947_11427 - btext: | ### As always, we're here to help DesignMap is in the fortunate position to be of help to companies during this challenging time. We are working overtime with our current clients to build nimble-yet-steady capabilities. ( text: DesignMap is always available). It is our most sincere hope that as many companies as possible—small and large—are able to weather these choppy waters. - Project-based Teams with User Research, UX and UI Design disciplines.  - Staff Augmentation, highly trained and experienced designers who work side-by-side integrated in your team. - Coaching and Advisement, the Partners have 20 years of industry experience.  - UX Training and Workshops, designed for the multi-discipline team we have content tailored to executives, product managers, designers, and engineers. We're working with clients like Atlassian, Asana, and RingCentral with these services designed for business continuity. —Audrey, Chuck, Greg, and Nathan _key: bodytext _uid: bodytext_1584640413185_2658

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