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ProductTank Talks: Designers and Product Managers

Audrey Crane Audrey Crane 1 min read

The venerable ProductTank San Francisco (the local outpost of Mind the Product, with 6,000 members) invited me to be one of their speakers back in March. Things... happened, and that was postponed, and then rescheduled as their inaugural virtual meetup.

I gave a 25-minute talk based on my book, What CEOs Need to Know About Design, focused on Designers and Product Managers working effectively together. And then the very smart Yuhki Yamashita, VP of Product for Figma, spoke on the same topic. It's interesting to see where we overlapped and our complimentary takes on the same topic (feedback, for example) from two different points of view. I especially enjoyed having Yuhki, as a PM, point things out in a way that probably wouldn't fly coming from me.

The video and our slide decks are below. Let me know what you think!

Live Stream


Audrey's Deck on Slideshare


Yuhki's Deck on Figma



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