Proteus Healthcare

Optimizing oncology with responsive technology

Proteus Digital Health is reshaping how we consume pharmaceuticals by delivering real-time patient health insights through ingestible sensors. Proteus wanted to introduce their technology to the treatment of cancer and turned to us to navigate this particularly complex area of medicine.

The deep insight we developed into the patient’s interactions with the oncology team led to a greater understanding of the individual care pathways and multiple patient-team interactions that took place during treatment. By looking at the interactions through the lens of the user, we designed a more patient-centred care approach, leading to a reduction in hospital visits, while enabling people to be treated in the comfort of their own home. The platform we designed assisted in delivering real-time insights allowing for greater responsiveness and optimum decision making by the medical team.


Using a dual track agile process we were able to test with users at multiple stages of concept development.


After numerous sprint cycles delivering concepts for testing we were able to develop a robust platform with user validation.

proteus-concept1 proteus-concept2 proteus-concept3 proteus-concept4
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From our research into the patient journey we found that the patient-team relationship has numerous additional touchpoints specific to oncology care, in particular around the area of side effect management.


A powerful partnership

The mobile platform is designed specifically for the oncology patient’s needs, including an optimized interface for logging side effects leading to better patient welfare.

On the other side the oncology team are able to see real time insights on their patients’ wellbeing. This enables the team to prioritize those patients in need and allow others to rest at home.


The resulting product allows for greater flexibility in balancing a patient’s life and treatment. Providing a more individualised care with a reduction in hospital visits, enabling treatment from the comfort of their own home.