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Defining the future of population health management

CareTeam is a population healthcare management tool for multidisciplinary healthcare teams, developed by Healthagen as part of an integrated portfolio of tools that offers analytical and advisory services for the health sector. Healthagen recognized the need for CareTeam to better deliver on the needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders within their complex internal structure.

Through our discovery process we uncovered insights into the team workflow and rationalized the perspectives of over 20 stakeholders; from nurse case managers to chief medical officers. Our findings identified opportunities where CareTeam could give better oversight across medical data while prioritizing healthcare actions. We turned these insights into reality by designing a fully functional prototype, which enables nurse case managers to better manage populations of high-risk patients and chief medical officers to make informed strategic decisions.

healthagen-sketch-01 healthagen-sketch-02 healthagen-sketch-03 healthagen-sketch-04 healthagen-screen-2 healthagen-screen-3 healthagen-screen-4 healthagen-screen-5 healthagen-screen-1

We sketched out potential ways of visualizing an information architecture that would suit everyone in the multidisciplinary team.


It was critical that the interface could both highlight individual patients recquiring urgent attention and trends in population health.


We crafted a solution using hotspots that enabled critical decision making at the scale of patient as well as population health. Hotspots are visual cues to guide the user’s attention to the most relevant pieces of information.

IMG_4966 IMG_4968

Along the way we engaged with multiple stakeholders including Directors, VPs, physicians and technologists to ensure we were accommodating every perspective in the final product.

healthagen-prototype1 healthagen-prototype2 healthagen-prototype3 healthagen-prototype4

Our fully functional prototype ultimately realized a more efficient and cost effective means of population health management.