CloudGenix Technology

Optimizing oncology with responsive technology

CloudGenix is an enterprise tool to create, monitor, and manage computer networks through cloud-based web applications. CloudGenix wanted to transform network management with SD-WAN, a powerful and inherently complex technology that required a UX solution to simultaneously deliver ease of use while retaining full administrative functionality.

To get under the skin of the project we became fluent in the technical complexity of SD-WAN before designing a powerful interface that allowed maximum transparency and control for network managers. The designed solution involved the development of an interactive map to support thousands of sites, facilitating network management on a global scale and fundamentally changing the way teams configure and monitor wide area networks—efficiently, securely and with reduced risk.

Cloudgenix-sketch-04 Cloudgenix-sketch-01 Cloudgenix-sketch-02 Cloudgenix-sketch-03 Cloudgenix-wireframe-01 Cloudgenix-wireframe-02 cloudgenix-screen-1 cloudgenix-screen-2 cloudgenix-panel-1 cloudgenix-panel-2 cloudgenix-panel-3 cloudgenix-panel-4

Our initial sketches demonstrated the advantages of a map based visual interface to facilitate global scale network management.


Through testing and iteration we designed a UX solution that delivered on ease of use.


The final map translates the complexity of SD-WAN into an easily digestible interface, enhancing full administrative functionality.


Teams can now configure and monitor wide area networks efficiently with the added ability to highlight critical information and dig down to see more as needed.

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Product realization

The new interface allows network administrators to easily scan their networks for issues and see the specific location of an issue including the connected sites that might be affected.

Graphic icons make it easy to see and manage vital parameters for a large volume of networks. A pyramid visualises bandwidth offering complete transparency and control for users.

Creating, editing and ordering rules becomes intuitive and quick offering better security in wide area network management.


Live component library

A single repository for all product components helps keep design and development teams aligned and ultimately ensures consistency in user experience.

Single elements and global patterns are available with any associated visual designs and code offering maximum efficiency in product development.