Charles Schwab Finance

Putting employee rewards in reach

Investment management company Charles Schwab allows companies to offer employee rewards through their Equity Awards Center, enabling employees to invest and manage shares accrued over time. However, their previous interface discouraged employees from engaging with their awards scheme.

Charles Schwab engaged DesignMap to reimagine equity management from the employees’ point of view. Built on user insight, our redesign enabled employees to use the Equity Awards Center to realise the value and potential the awards program could offer them. By crafting a seamless experience from employee to independent investor we provided a new gateway into Schwab’s network of products. Today $17 billion is managed through the Equity Awards Center.

schwab-sketch-01 schwab-sketch-02 schwab-sketch-03 schwab-sketch-04 schwab-sketch-05 schwab-sketch-06 schwab-sketch-07 schwab-sketch-08 schwab-sketch-09

From multiple user interviews we crafted three distinct personas to guide our reconfiguration of the interface.


Sketched solutions were continually tested against the personas to ensure that the user remained at the center of the product re-design.

In order to establish a more engaging product we reimagined the navigational structure to prioritize the various users needs and ambitions.


Ultimately by putting the user at the center of the product re-design we made a new entry point into Schwab’s portfolio of management tools by crafting a seamless pathway from employee to independent investor.