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Design moves the needle for your company and should be a core competency. Yet many companies struggle to develop the internal practices needed to use design effectively. We help elevate your UX strategy and grow a great internal design team. 


Every engagement is different. Here's what's typical...

  • trophy Outcome: Maximized design impact
  • savings Investment: 3 circles illustration
  • timer Time: 30-90 days

How it works

Design as a core competency,
sounds simple right?

Many companies now know that great design has a big impact on your bottom line, and they are moving their organizations to take advantage of the opportunity. The opportunity can be missed due to being unsure of how to build a design practice or work with designers, or a lack of hands-on experience with no one to turn to.

We offer two to three month long programs, where we establish clear goals, have weekly check-ins, and Slack/Email support.

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Who this unique
service is for…

For Executives and Business Leaders we provide coaching to support the why and how of building design as a differentiator within their organization. We’ll help with:

  • The ROI of design

  • Design team growth paths

  • Working effectively with designers: giving direction and feedback, overcoming hurdles, and more.

We also offer coaching for Design Managers and Leaders, helping them improve their ability to:

  • Speak the language of and demonstrate value to senior stakeholders

  • Hire and train their design team

  • Understand and prioritize demands on their team’s resources

  • Manage 1:1’s and careers of individuals

  • Set their strategy for design within the firm

Need help hiring?

A very popular activity with our startup and high-growth clients, we’re now making this available within our Coaching & Advisement services.

  • Design team structure and organization design

  • Job descriptions and compensation advice

  • Portfolio assessment and interview support 

  • Recommendations about candidates 

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“DesignMap provided ideas that helped me orient to what kind of hire I wanted and what aspirations I had for what they might accomplish. They helped find and vet candidates and provided a sounding-board. They had a material impact on the quality of hire we made.”

— Dennis Kirlin, SVP & Chief Applications Officer

The DesignMap Difference

We’ve coached and helped build teams, as well as run internal design teams ourselves, for 25+ years. We’ve hired, mentored, and trained hundreds of Designers and Design Leaders. 

Oh yeah, and we wrote the book on what CEOs need to know about design.

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