Workshop: How might AI impact your product?

“What are we doing with AI?” It’s a loaded question, but one many product teams are hearing from executives who feel the pressure of AI headlines and bold promises being made by competitors. That’s why we’ve created this workshop—spanning five half days—to help your team explore and strategically plan for AI’s impact on the future of your product.


Every engagement is different. Here's what's typical...

  • trophy Outcome: Maximized design impact
  • savings Investment: 3 circles illustration
  • timer Time: 30-90 days

How we help

Go from AI ambiguity
to alignment


Inputs outputs illustration


Inspire trust in your leadership with an AI blueprint

Collaboratively create a presentation to share with executives that outlines the implications, possibilities, and next steps to seamlessly infuse AI into your product.

Conceptualize AI’s impact on your product

Develop strategic AI concepts specific to your product/organization that are both inspiring and grounded in reality. We’ll capture an array of ideas demonstrating how facets and features of AI might impact your product future.

Gain collective confidence in AI knowledge

Establish a shared understanding of AI across your team—what it is, what it’s capable of, and potential risks.

Our agenda

5 days. 3-hour sessions. 
1 executive readout.

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Day 1: Align on AI fundamentals, opportunities, and risks

Day 2: Explore how AI is being used today in your space and expected uses in the near future to begin seeding ideas

Day 3: Delve into guided ideation sessions (using a Google Ventures Sprint-like process)

Day 4: Select and develop key AI concepts/visions for your product

Day 5: Workshop to define next steps for your team and outline them in your own branded slides for internal sharing

Get in touch

DesignMap has designed for AI long before ChatGPT hit the scene. 

AI Future Planning 

We’ve developed AI-related product visions for Fortune 500s spanning back five years ago. DesignMap has upskilled on AI for years. It’s almost like we’ve been training for this very moment. 

0-1 AI Product Design

For the last two years, we partnered with a future-forward incubator to pressure test 15+ emerging AI products concepts. We have a well-oiled process in place to explore AI visions worth making a reality.

Legacy in Complexity

Not every firm can work in B2B and B2B2C, but we’ve worked in complex spaces and kept pace with emerging technologies for more than 15 years. We don’t fear ambiguity—we enjoy it! 

“This was impressively organized. Content, people, organization, food, schedule, all of it felt well-considered and well-oiled. Nothing but back slaps and appreciation from me.”

—Workshop Participant

“Meet” the team

Tune into this casual chat with our team to hear our thoughts on AI going mainstream and ways it will shape digital product design in 2023.

(psst…skip ahead to 13:15 mins if you want to get right to the AI good stuff!)