Workshops & Training

These programs are a result of 10+ years of development that ultimately creates extraordinary Product Designers, just a small part of how our own staff is trained. They are able to jump into new situations, complex domains, complicated products, and add value without breaking a sweat. 


Every engagement is different. Here's what's typical...

  • trophy Outcome: Maximized design impact
  • savings Investment: 3 circles illustration
  • timer Time: 30-90 days

Our Programs

Public Workshops, for teams or individuals.

Product Design Essentials

If you’re a Product Designer looking to build a stronger foundation, or a Marketing/Web Designer, UI Engineer, or even a Product Manager, this is the program for you. This is material our own staff goes through to take on the role of Product Designer.

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Product Design Master Class

Already an experienced Product Designer? Then you know that you need to be able to influence much more than pixels on the screen. We call this the “work around the work” that makes it possible to create not just great design, but great outcomes.

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Bespoke Training, 
for companies.

Design as a Core Competency

We create workshops and training that are specific to the needs and skills of your whole team including participants from product management and engineering too. We help level up their understanding of how to work with Product Design. Resulting in training that is deeper with real-life challenges of your business.

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“This was impressively organized. Content, people, organization, food, schedule, all of it felt well-considered and well-oiled. Nothing but back slaps and appreciation from me.”

—Workshop Participant

Recent Workshop & Training Clients

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Program Details


Product Design Essentials

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Why your team needs to take this…

  • While they have related training and experience (a background in advertising, marketing, or as a developer, for example), you want them to learn to how extend those skills to Product Design.

  • You want pragmatic training that they can put to use the day they learn it.

  • You want them to learn from great designers, who see their work released into the market daily.

Topics include…

  • Principles of Product Design

  • Best Practices for Interaction Design and Service Design

  • Low- and High-Fidelity Prototyping

  • Testing with the Product Team and Stakeholders

  • Testing with Users and Customers

  • Best Practices for Responsive Web and Mobile

  • Best Practices for Visual Design

  • Creating Design Systems

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Product Design Master Class

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Why your team needs to take this…

  • There is one Designer on your team that everyone loves to work with, and you want every Designer on your team to be that well respected and in demand.

  • They are strong Product Designers, but you’re frustrated that the work they do doesn’t get more traction and have greater impact.

  • You’d like your team to work more effectively with their colleagues from other parts of the business.

Topics include…

  • Effective Communication with Executives and Stakeholders

  • The Consultant Mindset

  • Designing Successful Kick-Off Meetings

  • Running Great Design Meetings

  • Leading Complex Projects

  • Creating Models for Alignment and Communication

  • Design Planning

  • Finding Inspiration and Creativity

  • Transparent & Collaborative Design Process

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Bespoke Training

We develop training side-by-side with your design leaders in a way that is effective and enjoyable, even remotely.

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Training Designed for Your Team

Why your company needs this…

  • You want to build bridges between the Design team and other parts of the organization, like Engineering or Product Management

  • You have material that is critical to get into the hearts and minds of your team, and you need a fresh voice and fresh perspective to make sure it penetrates the Zoom doldrums.

  • You know your team could accomplish more, but there is “something missing”—you want an expert point of view to help you tease it out and address it.

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One more thing

Coaching &

Individualized Program

Our programs cover the breadth of product design, and we build in ample discussion time to learn from peers, however, it’s not possible to get into deep advice on any team or person’s unique situation. 

Individuals interested in a deep dive into their own challenges, fill in the “Get in touch” form below and indicate you are interested in this specific service.